Entry #53

Goodbye NG forever...............how long is forever?!

2016-04-17 15:48:33 by shahryar444

All of you may know me as shahryar444 or shahryar89 the one kid who created Undernage.net like a fool and it accidentally got onto the internet with my bad artwork and stuff like that, anyhow that was years ago. Time is flying guys, I feel sad that I have to move on with life, almost 19 years old, about to go to College this September 2016. It's so sad to move on, missing the free time I used to have to write my book series, do my pivot stick figure animaitons like Town of the Dead (which also turned out to be bad and it's my first pivot animated series). I canceled the series, knowing that it's bad enough and I will never continue it. Now I know how James Hook, Rob DenBleyker, Fatmando, Shayphis, Oscar Johansson feel. All those animators that created (in order of the names i stated); Oscar Tribute, Joe Zombie, The Project, RedHand and Castle. It's hard to find the time and intitaitive to be able to do these things in College or during your job. All those animation series I just stated are forever unfinished, except Oscar is making a comeback for his Castle, anyhow it was good reviewing and fooling around on Newgrounds since I was 11 or 12 years old, miss those days a lot. Alright guys, it looks like this is goodbye....good luck on your pathway to College/University later in your future...stay happy ;)3248771_146092254132_say-goodbye-to-the-past-because-its-time-to-move-on-qu.jpg


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2016-04-17 16:27:23

Good luck in any future ventures!

shahryar444 responds:

Thanks man.